Compassion.. what matters to you?

Hello everyone... as part of my studies I wanted to look in to what compassion means to depression sufferers... I had a period of acute depression several years ago and the desire to find what helped me through it has spurred a research project in to this area. I am hoping you may have experienced small moments of compassion that have helped you through and are willing to perhaps share these experiences with me?

Simplistically I have taken the literal dictionary meaning of compassion as ..."a feeling of deep sympathy and sorrow for another who is stricken by misfortune, accompanied by a strong desire to alleviate the suffering."

And Spiritually ; "Compassion is that which makes the heart of the good move at the pain of others. It crushes and destroys the pain of others; thus, it is called compassion. It is called compassion because it shelters and embraces the distressed". - The Buddha.

And the basis of compassion from the latin, meaning "co-suffering."

I find compassion came when others tried to understand what I was going through and didnt attempt to brush it off.

I found a majority of my family almost viewed it as an internal battle, not for them to intervene or be a part of.

My one moment of compassion came when a close friend embraced me in a hug and simply said she was there and it was a part of me like every other that she would share with me.

I am most interested in these small moments, and particularly in relation to intereaction with professional care givers?

I look forward to sharing your experiences x

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  • I keep reading this and trying to think of good examples of genuine compassion, but I'm not sure if its something that I've experienced. People feel sorry for me because they know I've been ill recently, but I don't feel that they fully understand the extent of my issues. I think people don't know how to bring the subject of depression up and they're not sure how to address it in case they upset me. Don't get me wrong, I do appreciate all the support I've had from my friends but I still feel as though there's something missing.

    Not sure if this helps!!

  • Hi

    I felt compassion from a therapist who gently stroked my cheek as I left for a long break from therapy - it had the effect of braking down all my defences which was traumatic but I still feel thank God as it enabled me to be and feel real for the first time in my life. I also felt compassion from a second therapist who without question read 27 pages of my life story when I handed it to him and who was so choked after reading it that he could hardly speak - I love him for allowing himself to be so very moved by what had happened to me. I've felt compassion from a close friend with whom I can sponteneously sometimes find myself crying when talking with her on the phone and the way she just accepts and understands. I've also felt compassion from some of the people writing on this website.


  • Hi from charlies, the only symathe and compassion i get is from my therpist no one else i know gives a monkeys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!