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there is no alternative to inflicting pain

The only thing I can do at the moment to bring relief is to cut my arm. I hate myself and I have done some terrible things, so rather that being a release, for me I use it as a punishment. I dont want to be here, dont deserve to be here, but I am stuck here because im too afraid of trying to die but not doing it properly. I really dont know what else to do

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Hi Emms

I'm sorry that you feel so bad. Have you seen your GP or a counsellor? Whatever you may have done, you don't deserve to punish yourself. Please try to get some support. There are some good UK websites about self-harm. I haven't harmed for several months now.

One thing that might help is the 15 minute rule. When you feel the urge, you say "I won't harm for 15 minutes." After 15 minutes you can either decide on another 15 minutes or to act on your urges as little as possible. If you do harm, make sure that you have the necessary things for keeping yourself safe and infection-free - e.g. antiseptic, dressings/plasters and, if necessary wound closure strips.

Take care.



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