Does anyone else find that too many people want to tell you what you need to do to 'recover'?

I now remember why I usually keep my feelings to myself. Since opening up to my friends many of them feel the need to offer suggestions as to how I can make myself feel better. A couple of people are also trying to monitor what I eat because apparently I'm eating less. Well yes, I am eating less, but it's really not a bad thing, I'm actually eating more healthily than I was before.

People tell me I need to do Yoga, I should do this and that. I know that they are trying to help but I don't need people to babysit me. I have reverted to keeping things to myself and putting on a brave face in front of people because I really don't want people to worry about me...

This is more of a rant than a question, but does anyone else find the same thing?

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Oh yes I know what you mean.

The things that you have to remember, and it took me a while to realise it, is that they are only saying these things to you because they care bout you. I found people were saying things like that to me cause they didn't fully understand depression and didn't know what to say.

Maybe you need to do what I did with my family and friends and education them bout depression. Tell them what you go through how you feel, how you manage With depression and how you need to change certain aspect of your life.

But the main thing to remember is these people clearly care bout you. Cherish that, it good to have people like that close by.

Hope this helps



People do mean well, and they care but don't really understand and putting into words to try and get them to understand is hard.

I do know what you mean, I have a friend (and I am lucky to have this friend) that does his best to encourage me and is generally very positive, always asking if I am ok. To the point of today I asked him of he googled all these positive thoughts. Yes it was a harsh and I felt mean afterwards but at the time I was feeling a bit suffocated.

I do yoga, and I enjoy the more social side of it but only do things because you want to.

Good luck!



Yes, people always tell other people what to do. I know I do that myself as well. It is just a way of trying to help.

Often all we really need is the feeling that someone is trying to understand without trying to solve the problem.



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