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how can i help feeling better??


i try to avoid medicines

are there other ways to stop depression

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Hi, do you mean what will help you to feel better? I've found so many different things can help if they are right for me at the time but only meds helped at certain times in my life. For me, feeling alone in the depression was the worse thing about it, feeling no-one understood. There was a time when I felt irritated by people's attempts to bring me out of my depression, as if I needed to be depressed in order to find someone who knew just how bad I felt. Anything that fits with what you feel you need may be helpful. I know that's no real answer but different things work for different people but I found that trying people's suggestions but then finding they didn't work or only worked for a short time simply made me feel worse. I learned to feel depressed but find someone who understood and cared but didn't try to solve things and just shared my experience. I found that comforting. When the depression was too bad for that I sought meds via my GP short term until I had picked up again. Hope that helps.


Good to meet you. Talking therapies can be a good way to help with depression like CBT or Mindfulness there is a lot of information on the web about these and your GP should be able to point you in the right direction. Also keep posting here it is good to speak with others who can relate to what you are going through we are here to help.


After suffering from depression for almost 5 years I still have my good and bad days. I find that exercise and a good diet play a significant role in my mental state. I also listen to a mindfulness cd regularly which also helps me cope on bad days. I was sceptical at first of this CD but I found it really does help.

I now am a personal fitness trainer and really believe that a healthy life can help. Hope this helps xx

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