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How do I STOP myself from putting off things that get me down, and just do them?

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Hi This is a problem I have too. I suffer with depression and one of the symptoms is lack of motivation. I find that I have to give myself a target and just one small job at a time. Such as gardening - instead of looking at the whole garden I just look at doing one small task such as cutting grass. Then I will stop and have lunch and a rest. I will then look at another job like trimming hedges. I always feel satisfied when I have finished both with doing the job and the exercise gives me a buzz. The only problem with gardening is when you have done one job the first job you did needs doing again as it grows! Especially with the rain we have had. Hope this makes sense and helps you. I have been told we must not let things get us down if we dont get things done - that is easier said than done! But work on that.

Thanks for that. My problem at the moment is, I essentially have to write an essay on why I am a good, safe parent for my daughter, not a mental wreck, which Social services think I am. The report I'm arguing against has 100 pages to it! It'll take days to do, and I know it will upset me and make me cry, which will make me put off doing it even more....!

Hi Amy,

I would suggest that you read "Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway" by Susan Jeffers.

ISBN 0-09-974100-8.

I know what you mean i have suffered with depression for many years this time it is a lot worse and i had a breakdown , i am slowly trying to put myself back together again but a lot of the time i really just cant be bothered to do anything its just too much effort , i just want to sleep or sit and do nothing . I try to find things i do still get pleasure from like sitting in the sunshine or spending time with my grandson its a long road back but hopefully i am on my way :)