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Is this depression?


I have been feeling pretty low about my job for a long time now. I work in an office and am really bored and fed up and now it is really starting to eat away at me. I have been feeling like this for a long time now, probably a year or so. I am taking steps to change career and have done part time courses and do volunteer work which makes me a little anxious but I am happy about these things because they help me to move on from the office work in the end.

Often I have a terrible feeling of dread and find it difficult to get up in the mornings. Even at the weekend I find myself sleeping for hours and not wanting to get up to do any things I used to enjoy. I have lots of hobbies but I can't really be bothered anymore. I feel as though I am being dragged down by my full time job but I am trapped by it because of financial commitments, I know one day I will get out of it and I will be able to change career once I finish studying but that is a few more years down the line and I feel as though I cannot make it through. It feels like forever.

I have avoided going to the doctor so far because I don't want to depend on tablets or anything but now I am thinking that it is getting harder and harder to get up and face the day maybe I need to. I also get chronic migraine and have had this for years and am seeing a specialist about this and also having hormone tests because this could be part of the problem.

Thanks for reading can anyone give me some advice?

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Good to meet you and glad you have posted here. It does sound like you are having depression but I am not a doctor so would recommend that you speak with your GP. There is lots you can do to help without taking medication such as talking therapies like CBT,CAT & Mindfulness you will be able to find information on these on the web or from your GP. This web site is a free online CBT course and there is also one on the action on depression web site have a look.

Keep posting we are here to help.


I also suffer from chronic migraines. I havent had a bad one for about a year now(touch wood). Ive suffered from depression for about 5 years too. I found that I changed my whole lifestyle and it began to slowly aid my recovery and my migraines. I ate a healthy balanced diet, exercised and slowly my mood lifted. It was only then that I had the courage to change the mundane things in my life like career. I gave up my business which was leaving me dreading getting up every day and retrained as a personal fitness trainer. Do small things, make small changes, introduce them slowly and see what happens, maybe worth a go? xx

Oh my, migraines, dread of going to work because you don't know whats coming next, wanting to do anything but this, clutching at straws. Constantly searching for the answer, tying yourself in knots with the wrong ones. The thought that small steps just aren't worth the hassle, everything MUST change.

My advice is you can still see the light so go for it :)

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