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Hi there I'm new to all this online support stuff I've struggled with anxiety and depression since I was 9 I am now 28. I'm on medication and I see a therapist once a week but its hard I worry about so many things all the time. Health anxiety is a big fear of mine along with just anxieties of like am I going to get from my job out of the blue or if my house going to burn down. I just think it would be nice to hear from others who struggled day in and day how but keep pushing forward in their fight with anxiety and depression.

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Hello and welcome Twitch

Over the early years of my condition I can really relate during my teens and twenties, my job was very stressful because of the work I was doing, it was all multi-taxing and most of the work was also time sensitive. Because of a car accident and my Chronic Disabilities I was retired out and never worked again however I busied myself with Voluntary Work and from that time I never worked again. I became a Disabled Pensioner. Until I retired as an OAP about six years ago. We all never know what life has got planned for us so we need to be able to live our life on a day to day basis, worrying all the time will just make matters worse

It is very important that we need to stand back sometimes and smell the roses around us and not worry what if,, What is the best way and try not to worry if you do not need to, life is too short so it is important we make our life as comfortable as possible and understand everyone around us do have problems and have to make the best of what has been presented . Yes we do on occassions feel low, we need to learn how to move on A therapist should approach ways that will help you live your Life Depression and Anxiety are very real problems, however that does not mean we need to live with these conditions and that we will never get these conditions again, however we do need to know and understand how to move on through life



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