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How to switch therapists

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I want to try and switch my therapist. This is something I’ve never done before and I don't know where to start. I like my therapist but she isn't returning my calls anymore to schedule sessions and I just feel like she doesn't help. She feels like someone to complain to and offer temporary change and not actually look at where the problem is coming from. How do I tell her I want to switch and how do I switch? I would like someone from the same office but I’m not sure. I don't have anyone in mind.

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At this time Mental Health Services are really crammed, I had a scan several months ago and I am still waiting a diagnosis,I had one letter and now I am sitting waiting for the full diagnosis and what next. They have made another Appointment with the Eye Clinic although my Short Term Memory disorder is still waiting these all important results. So you are not alone, I cannot understand for the life of me why thse appointments are effected by COVID.

Your appointment and the need to change your Therapist would seem you are at a stage of waiting. If you have told Mental Health you want that change it may be the problems everyone else has is preventing the change 0ver.

Your Therapist may have taken you off Her Books now. However that may be just one of many possible problems you have to consider.

Personally if it is the case if not broke do not fix it.

How many Sessions have you had this can affect an agreement you made at the first appointment, so all your allowed sessions may now be over. They may expect that you use the techniqes explained over the last sessions. course of say twelve weeks.

What was discussed last time you were seen


She said that we are at a “call as you need“ point where whenever I need a session, I call her and we schedule. We did not agree on a set amount of sessions, just go until I don’t need her anymore or just want to stop. I don't know why she isn’t calling me back. We’ve had trouble contacting each other in the past but even then she tried calling me back.

She sounds like She is weaning you of from these sessions. Depending on how long it has been since your last session it may be too soon to have a visit.

I my case they know I have the tools for my PsA also I am able to control my medication they will leave me alone. Two weeks ago I had a twelve month review, and if I am unable to control my condition I phone my Physio the same will seems to be the case.

Also I understand you have possibly be given or talked about how to control how you feel, because of the Health Service been blocked by COVID this situation must be quite common at this time.

This is nothing against you just things are so busy.


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