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Should I be worried?

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Hi All. I have been having old ulcer, and gallstone pain for the past 8 weeks. Quite bad pain, and am on a very bland diet, I went to my GP twice, just before the Xmas break. He put me on new stronger meds. He tells me to wait for a week or two, and if they don't work, he will refer me for the appropriate tests.

My concern is that I, like, many, purposely put off going to see him earlier, as I am quite concerned about going to our local hospital in the present climate. I also know that both conditions can turn nasty, with infections etc.. if not treated early.

This has all been compounded by the long holiday period over Xmas . I intend seeing him first thing on Wednesday, when the surgery is open again. I am a aware that all health outlets are overloaded at the moment, and it is likely that I will not get tested for a while yet.

Has anyone had similar experiences, either now or in the past. Regards Ron

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As long as you are seeing doctor good but if you can’t wait and in severe pain best to go to hospital. My mum had stroke and so glad she phoned ambulance some things need early treatment. However if you can wait it is alright or speak to your doctor and say urgent treatment needed

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Thanks Foggy123, the pain, finally got so bad and consistent, that I went to emergency Doctor, then A&E, which was a nightmare. X Ray, ECG, and eventually, an 'Ultra Sound on my Gallbladder, all Negative. Pain still there, and given pain killers which helped somewhat. After an overnighter I was sent home with more painkillers, and told to take them, untill I could see my GP, re further investigations. I am lucky to have private health and made an appointment to see a Private Consultant, and hopefully more relevant tests.

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Let us know what they find was the problem. Take care

Possible gall stones I had terrible like heartburn but 10 times as bad went for a scan gallstones then had gall bladder out.

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