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Does anyone keep on getting nose bleeds

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Would like some advise I keep on getting nose bleeds on my left side and I have had it cuterised but it don't seem to work

Been to the docs but I had a call back and they said I need to have a blood test to test my blood count

But I was just wounderding if anyone got the same issues if so

PM me x

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my Mrs and one of of my sons but it`s nothing serious or anything to worry about usually.

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Ok I just keep on having them and not sure why I had it cutrised but he has not seem to work, I am speaking to my doctor on Friday to see if they can check my blood count as I keep on having the nose bleeds. Why do they have them x

Some times nose bleeds can be caused by Blood Pressure and or weakness or thin veins in the nose. My wife had a nose bleed after Christmas Dinner, We put that down to possibly eating to much, Have your Blood Pressure checked, your GP will have your bloods checked.

Some people have regular bleeds I would not worry as long as you have bloods taken It is common, children can have a problem as older people


Hey ok yes I did speak to my doctor and they said that my blood count needs to be checked to see why I keep on getting them. How's you x

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