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Where to find lived experience participant pools/clinical trials/studies/research/public engagement options?

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I really want to contribute to research, to inspire and pave the way for those who are struggling at the moment and would benefit from new treatment options, more reliable and effective resources, or maybe they'd just feel less alone and misunderstood by reading new discoveries on different mental health topics. It also helps me feel like my story matters and my voice can be heard and make an impact on the bigger picture, and it's so empowering and fulfilling to look back and give meaning to my past struggles retroactively, it makes me feel like I'm part of something bigger. Those are my main reasons for wanting to contribute, I mean personal growth + objectively positive influence on society- sounds awesome!

But I have such a hard time finding opportunities and actually applying for them!😭😤 It's def not a lack of studies, because I always happen to find articles on freshly uncovered information on all mental health-related topics, and according to the "recently conducted studies" list there is a lot going on, like daily updates on the most specific disagnosis??? 🤨 90% of the time I either find outdated, inactive studies, or researcher-focused articles where patients/the public are only mentioned when giving tips on HOW to get participants-and even that is really vague and useless.

It's proven impossible in my case to find opportunities through a google search, and apart from a few hard to navigate sites like ClinicalTrials, NAMI, NIHR or People in Research I have no idea where to look.

Are there any apps/websites/participant pools you'd recommend? 🤔 Actually, any advice on study hunting would be appreciated.

Thanks! 🥰

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Consider relevent charities that cover your health problems..That may help in this case

There are plenty of charities etc on the web.

On this site we give support and ideas to help people with their health problems


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