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I'm 75, male, fair to good health (age appropriate) and am searching for a medication that will carry me into my declining years bypassing the anxieties and sleeplessness that come to all of us elderly as we move into our time. I've been advised on anti-depressants like Martazapine and the like as well as straight out diazipines like Klonopin.

It is my intention to take this assistant without interruption so we have no withdrawal factors for a concern here. Thus far the benzoids (ex. 1mg Klonopin taken daily at bed time) seem to offer the best solution. So this is where I'm at. And please, no advise concerning non-medical solutions.

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Melatonin natural hormone for sleep??

Hi, this is a very tricky question for the forum users who can help with most things.I believe the question should ideally be answered by a doctor because there are two big issues such as insomnia and mental illness. The complication is whether the insomnia is a lingering symptom of depression or natural affect of aging. Your medical history and preference will be the key in deciding how to treat your nocturnal anxiety.

Hello, Good Morning.

If you do not have Depression or Anxiety and your Doctor has not prescribed AD medications, I would not take them.

I am seventy one now and have had mental illness for many decades, Yes I do take a reduced dose of AD MEDICATIONS, although now most of my medications have been reduced to absolute minimal dose, Pain medications are very strickly managed and now my Wife manages all medications

Taking AD drugs just for to get to sleep you may be at a hiding for nothing because eventually you will become reliant on then and you will need to keep increasing the dose. you will begin to loose sleep and the medications will actually start effecting your daily, evening occupations.

I can advise on various other ways to help you sleep without drugs, although above you have informed you will only consider drugs to help. Personally,

As we get older medications are reduced because we do not need higher doses. Medications need to be managed because of side effects and any other medications we need to take will have possible unknown side effects that can be unpleasent and sometimes counterproductive.

At least consider none medication techniques that will have you relaxed. my AD drugs are minimalist because of a Chronic Pain condition over the decades.

You may be better served with multi spectrum Vits, if you have joint pains B12 or and injection every twelve weeks performed by your Surgery may help loosen yourself up. Tbs of D3 may also help, there is a relevent type on the market for Pensioners, that can be prescribed. They do help

Worrying regards final years is well known and is concerning, it comes to all of us however drugs for sleep can make you feel worse and your anxiety may be worse in the short to medium term. If you are not broke do not fix it. As mentioned above there are alternatives. Have you a Age Concern or similar near where you live you could attend and get practical support

Consider this and I will try and help in a positive proactive way. If you have no mental health problems I question if your Doctor will go down the way you present


Hello welcome

You need to allow upwards of five weeks for your medications too get used to your medications. We are all different so it can be difficult to suggest how long you will need before you feel better


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