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Today I spoke more in group therapy and one to one than I ever have done. Being given a room at the CMHT base to continue virtually and have privacy. Stuck up for myself when someone said I needed to get my 💩 together. Little did he know just how much I had been dealing with. Once I explained he apologised and said glad I was back. But, in my 1-2-1 it got so hard. Even more so than group because I was faced with thoughts and feelings I couldn’t escape from or have others speak about what was happening with them. In the one to one I spoke about my suicidal ideation and thoughts around it. I kept saying I’m safe however I couldn’t stop the thoughts that were spinning in my head. Now all I keep thinking is why I didn’t keep my mouth shut about it all and now can’t stop procrastinating over it all.

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You will accomplish and let the group and therapy help you. That is why they are there. You did really good 👍. Wish they help you in every possible way. You did amazing. Good you can talk about it and let your thoughts out.

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It sure was hard Foggy123 and not something I coped with well.

Wasn’t as bad after group but one to one really got to me today. Feel like I can’t stop crumbling

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Foggy123 in reply to I_Hate_Me_2

Step by step and it will work for you. You are pointed in right direction. Just need help and you will find your way through this. Keep going !!!

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