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I am a nymphomaniac, what do I do?

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I am a nymphomaniac, what do I do? Lately it's been too much for me to suppress it, and I hate life and everything around me.

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Talk to your Doctor there are mental health treatments that will allow you come to terms with this disorder and move on


Thank you for the reply, I am not sure how I should bring this up to my doctor without feeling embarrassed to be honest :(

Have you a Femail Doctor you can talk to. Your problem seems to be linked to possible activities in the early past, and it may be that that has caused this problem. However a Male Doctor who knows of you will be able to help, Sometimes health concerns are embarrissing although if you need help and assistance I would imagine He would refer you to a Femail Therapist. In the past when I was a Youth Worker we had someone with a similar problem and the girl was referred to a CBT Team in the first instance.

You need to be comfortable for your future activities and life, so a little bit of treatment may help you move on into a Life more in tune with your needs


From what I know, being a nymphomaniac means to crave sex nearly constantly, and that can be exhausting. I have a friend with the disorder and she just built her life around it. I believe she has sex with two men on a very regular basis and all three are fine with it, and other than that she'll go onto forums to further play around with men that she'll shun as soon as they come too close. The rest of her time goes to work. I do believe anti-conception (some pills/ NuvaRing) can greatly lower your sexdrive, as well as having safe sex regularly can also keep you fulfilled. It's not so much a problem of having high needs, but it's trying to tame those needs and see them met. There's no shame in it, her two fuckbuddies love her for it, and she's coping well. I hope you'll one day attain the balance she's attained and I'd generally advise you to say you have a high sex drive as opposed to calling yourself a nymphomaniac. Men don't like the idea they're not fulfilling/enough for you and though it'll always be true, it's better not to point that out to them. As previously described, if you have problems coming to terms with this aspect of your being, talking to a psychologist can help to make sure you don't walk a self-destructive path. You can lead the life you require, it just won't be an easy path towards emotional and physical balance and finding the right men to help you to "blow off steam". Best of luck to you. 🙂

There is a very good chance that SSRI medications could reduce your sex drive and make it less of a problem.

However, it's a serious step to take as they often come with side effects and there are reports of long term sexual dysfunction even after stopping the medication. These medications may not just reduce sex drive, but also reduce the ability to get pleasure from sex and sexual fantasy, and make it difficult to orgasm etc.

But it's an option for anyone that is really struggling with a hyper-driven sexuality.

They are normally easy to get prescribed. Just complain of depression or anxiety.

Agree with Alex. I took Sertraline for a while and completely lost my sex drive. Might not work do everyone but an SSRI IS DEFINITELY worth a try. I hope it works out for you. Worth seeing more than one Doctor as well just to get additional advice. I wish you the very best x

Hi, thank you for the reply. May I know why you are on Sertraline? Are you also BPD?

Hope youre doing good too xx

No BPD but I have come across it and know it’s hard. For me it was too much stress at work which led to severe anxiety. Think I have always had mild anxiety but the last few years it just got worse. Never taken medication up until this year and it’s been a tough journey since I started on them. I think they make you feel worse as they just suppress everything. I was in bed for weeks. I’m doing better now but have low days, bad days and the odd good one 😊 I read up on it all now and appreciate that mental health is very real. Unless you have been through it people find it hard to appreciate what it’s like. I just miss the old days when I felt at peace most of the time. I think those days are gone but maybe I’ll settle at some point: who knows? Talking to people is a powerful thing. There are a lot of people on this app that will sympathise. Keep up the dialogue with them it will do you the world of good xx

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