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Depression and medication

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Hi I was just wondering I have been suffering with depression/anxiety for a long time now (years) will getting antidepressants now help or have I left it to late?

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Hi Danielle if you can manage your mental health without meds keep doing that.but if not speak to your doctor and see what he suggest the meds are not a cure they're are an aid and do help then you've got to wean yourself off them good luck.

No its never to late they will definitely help uve just gota find the right one for u x

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Danielle02x in reply to texty18

Thank you for your reply. Spoke with my doctor today going to be trying mirtazapine to see how I get on with them and been referred for counselling hopefully they work for me, just want to feel better x

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texty18 in reply to Danielle02x

Aww thats amazing well done for taking the first step yer it may take a while to kick in 2 to 4 weeks but hopefully it does the trick xx

I suffered with depression for at least 8 years before I started taking medication and I can say that it helped me considerably. I'd say that the fact you're considering it means now may be the time to approach your GP.I was the same way at first but got to a point where it felt like the only move I had left. That being said I don't think it would have had the same result if I had done it sooner because I wasn't in a place to be receptive to it.

Ultimately I think that you'll be the best judge because you know how you're feeling and what you want to do goi g forward. Just make sure if you do talk to your GP, that you have a frank discussion about expectations and side effects.

Hope this helps

Yeah it’s been about 8years for me also, what antidepressants are you on if you don’t mind me asking? I am so anxious about the side effects but I know myself I just won’t get better on my own without trying. I spoke to the doctor today and I will be trying mirtazapine to see how I get on with them. Also referred for counselling I really want to get better for myself, my kids and partner mental health is such a lonely dark place.

I started taking citalopram at first. Then I switched to paroxetine. The side effects were a concern with me but I felt I had little choice if I wanted to get better. I'm sure the doctor told you about possibly feeling jumpy and anxious at first, but I would also recommend not sleeping in the dark if you can, otherwise have a lamp or light source nearby.

You can wake up feeling confused and not able to get your bearings at time and I found that light helps this sensation go away quicker or not happen at all.

Finally check in with someone close to you regularly and be honest about how you are feeling. This can help identify any sudden behaviour changes.

Hopefully I'm not making this sound scary, I just wish someone gave me a bit of a heads up about what to expect when I first started them.

Thanks for your reply and the heads up. Just wondering are you yourself still on medication? If so has it helped? This is my second night taking them, last night I took 1 tablet and felt my heart all racy and had to go straight to sleep. I’ve felt spaced out all day, I realise I will have to give these time and I am aware of side effects with antidepressants just don’t know if a racing heart, feeling it racing then skipping a beat that’s what it feels like is normal? Willing to give it time because I want to get better. Hope you are doing good yourself 😊

I am still on the medication and it has helped me greatly. I still get periods of being very low but they are considerably more manageable an don't last anywhere near as long. I was also able to work on other aspects of my mental health issues without constantly getting overwhelmed. (ED and OCD for example)Things like rapid heartbeat are somewhat common at first, as well as things like being sensitive to light and sound. Also being a bit jumpy but when/if your concerned about something, mention it to your GP.

Also make you partner aware of how your feeling so they can keep an eye out for anything untoward.

Hopefully the worst of it will settle after a couple weeks.

MaximXavius That's great advice for Danielle02x - I started taking Sertraline (50mg for depression/anxiety) about 3 months ago and my insomnia took about a month to recede. (45-year old man depressed for about 10 years, recent anxiety crisis prompted medication start) The first month of Sertraline gave me very intense dreams and - as you say - a feeling of disorientation when I woke up at night. The disorientation wasn't distressing, but was quite "buzzy" or "trippy" for me and a nightlight made a huge difference in getting me "back in the room". To be clear, the effects were quite mild and I was never distressed or unable to understand what was happening... it was just a little strange and noticeable (and amplified by being at 2am!). I'm aware I'm replying on an old thread, but wanted to echo what you've said with my experience - the "trippy/buzzy" insomnia has settled down for me now, but it did take a while. I'm feeling so much better now the Sertraline is beginning to fully take effect. All the best on your journeys

It is never too late. How have you been coping without them?

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Danielle02x in reply to Rick1on1

I haven’t been coping that’s the thing everything is getting to much for me now, I was in abusive relationship with my children’s father who I was with for 8years, now split in a new relationship with someone treats me better but still in unhappy place suffering with depression and anxiety low confidence started to have really negative thoughts, suicidal thoughts etc I worry about medication and side affects but I feel it’s the only option for me right now.

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Rick1on1 in reply to Danielle02x

Now is the right time to go on an anti-depressant! Side-effects are part of the journey, dont let it stop you. None are worse than feeling the way you do right now.

There are a few classes of anti-depressants to try. As everyone mentioned, you have to try and find the right one for you. Most will give you the "space" to make changes to your lifestyle to cope with Depression. There is no cure and "happy pills" are a temporary relief.

Considering that you have suicidal thoughts, speak to your doctor about tricyclic's; Amitriptyline is a good one and I had little side-effects..mostly "brain fog".

Good luck!

Hi Danielle. You mention having been in an abusive relationship. This may still be affecting you. I don’t know what country you are in but if you are in UK you could try contacting’ Refuge’ which is a charity that helps people in these circumstances. Whatever country you are in i am sure there will be something similar. All the best.

I agree it's never too late. I first noticed I was depressed as a kid and then a breakdown in college. Years later when I met my wife I had another breakdown. I went to therapy right away but it was a few years to agree to meds. I'm very treatment resistant and it's been hard over the last 20 years but no matter how many drugs I try it's still better than not being on any at all. I also tried Mirtazipine, but I'm not on it anymore. When it comes to side effects it's basically what you can handle and if you think the drug really has a chance for you. Everybody reacts to a drug differently than everyone else. The best you can try and see if it's worth it

Danielle02xIt is never too late.

Do what is best for you.

Just checking how you're coping. Hopefully all is well

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