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Hi! I am currently struggling with clinical depression and my terrible habit of lashing out at people. I am hurting deeply, I feel like I am on the verge of breaking down about everything. I don't feel like people I care about understand what I am going through.

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Hi and welcome to this amazing place! here u will definitely find ppl that understand what ur going through. I myself am also currently going through severe depression. I definitely understand what every moment of every day feels like. Its dark and hard. Try to do something you enjoy doing, ull probably feel better. Or distract urself someway to get the edge of the pain... feel free to message me for more support:)Im rooting for ya! I know what ur going through.. im there too...

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Thank you so much and honestly, it's nice to know someone can understand what I am going through. It's hard to explain it to people who don't suffer from it and people who don't understand.

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You are not alone. It's so hard to deal with depression at such a young age. I am going to share my story or should I save my life experiences. I have a lot to share.

Hello and welcome

You are not alone, many here have the same problem as yourself. You need to learn to understand why you are suffering from this problem caused by your Mental Health concerns. I went through something similar in fact in my case I walked away from all those things that caused my anger and flustration.

We need to understand yourself, so you to heal yourself and move away or control your sadness. The problem is people who love or know us are unable to relate to your problems

The first thing you need to do is talk to your Doctor who can if required make an appointment to see a Therapist who can open up your fears and help you control them. The main problem many people have is they are unable even to open up themselves to the reasons and activities that have caused these concerns and handle them accordingly. With help and understanding and your own actions will help you move on. You need to understand yourself and heal and accept any past problems, thiscan of course be a problem and you need that support that seems to be lacking at this time


Hi, can I just say I feel for you, my husband also suffers severe depression & I know from experience what your saying. I unfortunately am on the receiving end of most of his volatile behaviour, I love him dearly we have been married for almost 45yrs he is my best friend. I do understand he has no control over these outbursts but it takes it’s toll, when you are someone’s emotional punchbag, it’s very hard. I think mostly you need to keep talking, no matter how silly it sounds in your head. Tell your loved ones how you are feeling, don’t wait till it consumes you. Something as simple as holding someone for a while can make a difference, no words just comfort. I wish I had a magic wand, I could bring such joy back into the lives of my hubby, you & others in your horrible position. 🙏 you all find some peace in your mind & comfort in knowing your are not alone, not worthless nor a burden. You are someone who is going through a really hard time, there is always someone to talk to. Don’t give up xx ❤️

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