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Therapy dog

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Just wondering if anyone knows how to get my dog into being a service dog or therapy dog, I find life so much easier with puppa around. Can anyone point me in the right direction? He’s a 7 month old border collie and the softest boy ever.

Thank you

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All I can suggest is to contact your VET they may be able to put you in the correct pathway. You can also have words with the relevent charity that will most probably help, The dog may need to be trained etc depending on what tour needs are

Before Pax we had a Jack Russell/Staffy X He was a rescue dog and I used to be an information officer in a Mental Health Day Centre, Pip used to go with me every time I was at the centre as in some ways became a Pat Dog. He would sit on my knee and people would come into the centre to see the dog, He would also go towards the members and everyone loved Him to bits, so He was not trained, just a dog that would sit on His dads knee and welcome everyone in the centre.

In a way He did a good job, the centre did open up to pets in the centre and that in part helped others with mental health concerns. Pip died at thirteen and was greatly missed, we now have a Border Collie Cross, He is very friendly although He does not attend any centres or charities

What do you want to introduce the dog too


Normally you have to get a new dog that has been trained from puppyhood into being a service dog as far as I know. You cannot normally make your own dog into one. But that’s just a theory/heard about / thought I read thing overall, I don’t have hard evidence that that is the case.

Do you need an actual service dog (one that does things for you like open doors) or are you looking to have your dog as an emotional/therapy support dog which is for emotional comfort. if is the latter then just talk to your doctor or go online and there are many online doctors that you can talk to and get the certification. However if you are looking to make your dog a service dog, then he will have to go through intense training by an organization and will take at least a year

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