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hey im new

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hi i struggle with overthinking and hate myself quite often and get very confused about life and im an introvert and a VERY deep thinker and sometimes i think so deeply that it makes me really really scared about life and i worry so much

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hey me too. I sometimes take a calming tablet to quieten my mind when I'm overthinking too much. But better is put on some Youtube music called 'quieten the mind meditation'. Try it and let me know if it helps.

Sometimes I wonder if we take life too serious, that seems to be a problem we need to approach

Sometimes , Like last week when we were on Holiday we were eating out in a pub and was listening to those around , it was very interesting listening to people around me talking about their problems and concerns, it was interesting, what was a massive problem to one seemed to be a minor problem to another, people seem to take everything so seriously where a discussion was more of a problem than it should and was taken out of context.

We are all different and what upsets one person would not irritate the other. We all need to listen before we jump.

I am and always have been very deep in my thoughts and now always reserve judgement I listen and keep my mouth closed if I feel I have nothing to say.

Be wise before judgement, Remove the spelk out of their eye before you remove the plank from yours.

If we get upset by sharing our thoughts as we explain our point of view is it not better to bite your Lip before you dive into a unpleasent place that stresses us out and upsets our own feelings. As well as the other person.

Learn when it is best to say nowt


thank you that is a very wise point of view

Hi Michael. Do you know why you're an overthinker? I mean, does it serve you well in some areas of your life?

I must admit your description also fits me perfectly. I think it's just me, but I wish it had an off switch.

Do you question the meaning of life and have you ever had suicidal thoughts ?

I'm a deep thinker for sure

It takes a lifetime to get a handle on it. But I do remember struggling very badly in my late teenage years. This is an extremely difficult time for a deep thinker, when most of your peers will be more carefree than you and you will feel more acutely isolated in your thoughts.

It's important to step out of the thoughts on a regular basis and try to be carefree. You will always seep back into that way of thinking throughout life, but once you choose to take life as it comes and not so seriously, it will get better.

Other people will never understand the real you. So, you will have to drop any hope of that happening. Instead, try to grow and develop by putting yourself in many different situations.

By experiencing the full range of what life has to offer, you will be more likely to find yourself. Or, find other aspects of yourself that you can integrate into your personality. You'll also be rewarded with rich, deep experiences that will satisfy your soul.

Don't hide away. Put yourself out there and be brave. You will always be an overthinker but reserve the thinking for when you're alone with yourself, not with other people who will never understand...unless you get a lucky one.

Get out and live life while you're young. Be brave.

Part of the problem is that humans are hardwired to solve problems , some of us much more then others, and this can manifest itself with a lot of worrying. Realize your brain is on like an autopilot always needing to solve problems. Try to allow these thoughts but don’t attach to them, it’s just your hardwired brain running worrying procedures, it’s not really who you are

Oh man, we were separated at birth, very similar. But I spent so long alone that i have my own back, right wrong or indifferent, It's time someone backed you, and it can be you

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