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What is the cause of thrush

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Yeast fungal infection caused by irritated or broken skin. Get medicine from doctor to treat

There are a few causes and one which is very common is after taking anti-biotics. Canestan which you can get from a chemist is good. Also live natural yogurt.

If these don't help you might have to ask a doctor.

You can purchase creams like Canestan from the chemist, if you do not clear have words with your Doctor, Mostly this is a fungal infection


I had it around 1966. My doctor recommended drinking buttermilk. 🤢couldn’t do it so I had to deal with uncomfortable symptoms for a few weeks until it ran its course. The doc told me at that time, it was caused by a virus in my stomach. Who knew way back then?


I had problems with it when I was younger. I made the problem vanish by using no soap and only water to wash intimate places, and unperfumed washing powder for underwear.