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Lows vs Highs.

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My reply to my poem Lows vs Highs.

I’m scared I’m on a downward spiral. Been rambling for hours. I need things to make sense. Nothing is right now and I don’t know what to do. My tears are through deep pain. 😭

Lows vs Highs.

I need to put a stop

To the all so frequent lows

Then fear sets in

Thinking of the highs…

The good times.

Many of those

I hate to say

Were done in ways

I don’t want anymore

The highs were from

Feeling so low and the

Need to escape

That moment in time.

Lows are at the forefront

They have been for a while

That’s what I deserve

Highs are an illusion

That rips me up inside

Simple things

Now seem complicated and

No more than an illusion.

The smiles that hide tears

Not tears through laughter

But through intense

Emotional pain.

What if the term

‘Do what makes you happy’

Is as twisted as the illusion

When lows vs highs.

Because…when does

Happy switch to sad?

Lows turn to highs.

Good times to bad times.

It’s all so hard

It’s like everything’s fine

When it’s not.

But I don’t know anymore.

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You are on sad and pitying path. Don’t pity your existence And you deserve different emotions the smile and acknowledgement of yourself and your life. Don’t just scribble it out. You mean something love success trying. Hugs and prayers and love Foggy123

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I_Hate_Me_2 in reply to Foggy123

I fight every day Foggy123. Writings are my thoughts aloud. Sometimes think to stop writing. It’s always been something I’ve done for years.

There is always such depth to your work. You are having a tough time right know. Put some faith in to the people that have traveled down this road. The people that tell you the light will begin to shine through.

Don't give up hope


Know you like my writings. You know what I think of your words and where they come from. Thank you for being you. 💜💜



Please don't hate U 💖 I hope one day you will feel you no longer want to keep doing that and maybe think of a more self nurturing name. One thing to learn in life is that we can be our own best friend or our own worst enemy, so be kind and friends with yourself by discarding the thoughts that harm you and replace them with those that will be kind and value you. You are worth it, not something to be discarded, but something to be valued.

Don't you Quit i.etsystatic.com/14165499/r...


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I_Hate_Me_2 in reply to Bkin

Thank you so much for your reply. I have done so for so long. Never known it to be any different Bkin. But your words and of others here have made me think more and more.

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