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Caffeine interaction

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and do caffeine interacts with escitalaopram

I checked over internet but it says no interaction but I feel something I don't know how to say

I had coffee yesterday and from that onwards my heart feels very different

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How long have you been on your medication, allow five weeks to get used to taking the medication.

Generally I have no problems with coffee, however it is a stimulant . That is one reason why people drink coffee. However I drink tea three times a day as well.

that is also a stimulant. I do not have any relevent side effects you explain.

Are you taking any other medications ?


No i am not taking any other medicine I got this palpitations right after I had coffee Today is my fifth day on escitalaopram

Allow a further five weeks for your medications to begin to work, that should Help. Try something else to drink in the morning, possibly milky tea.


thank you so much and i will do

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