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Home Assessments gives that initial view of patient that can be followed up in the field etc. The home assessment in home or sometimes clinic can give early information of clinic. These appointments are taking upwards of two. three months for first appointment to work out treatment plans. Then a further month for treatment plans to start. It is important the dynamics of a case it acted upon urgently

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Why does it take months to process and can’t you make your case urgent or priority? Write to head of department or manager and get some results. Once you have written or email they will react or they might just need prompt!

Hello Foggy

I had an assessment today, it took four weeks to get a review and a further Four to six weeks to get the results of the review and assessment and the further approx four weeks for the mental Health Pathway, ie tests and treatment plans. I have had my initial diagnosis and it is not to be Dementia.

The problem is at this time seems to be down to The Covid Virus, and Mental Health concerns caused by that


That is good it is not dementia

I hope they answer all your concerns and they test you properly!!! You should ask for more examination and put some of your diagnosis forward so they can test you

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