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Mentally and physically drained

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Have you ever been been so drained mentally that physically your body couldn’t pull through to do any task ??

Like I’m stuck on the couch and so tired I refuse to believe depression has me so tired and drained everything with my doctor is fine I have to mentally reset do you guys have any ideas ?

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Depression can prevent the way you describe, I suffer the same until about Lunchtime. Then I can feel a great deal better.

It is important you try and push yourself through this attitude and try other hobbies or diversions. Try slitting up your morning with gentle interests until Coffee Break, then normally I will then begin to prepare Lunch normally a salad and sandwich and several pieces of fruit, this seems to perk me up.

Although today we are going shopping early afternoon I have a sixty mile drive and that will divert my worries. The journey is all country roads so we see a great deal of wildlife..

We are determined to get out today as the combinde harvister is making a thick dust cloud in the next door field. They have been there all night and still they have half of the field to do. So getting out away from the dust is a positive action and we will not worry or feel low and distruptive.

Have you any things you can do to take your mind of your Depression and low mood


As you are tired do rest and as you are resting....

Healing Light ( imagine )

imagine you are laying floating on a puffy white cloud, in a glorious blue sky and you are being bathed in a wonderful calming, healing and energising golden light.... ***

your body begins to feel weightless, you can smell the healing light its like the most wonderful pure clean air, breathe it in to your lungs...

as the light touches your skin, on your face, legs arms, all of your body and with each inward breath the healing light enters through the pores of your skin,

you continue to feel wonderfully calm and relaxed, and notice every cell in your body being energised, responding to the golden healing light.

stay with it as long as you wish and remember this a practise to do whenever you feel those unserving thoughts enter in.

Each Day

Become aware of the unserving thoughts and then choose thought that can enhance your life. You can choose. This way you can help yourself into a more enjoyable experience in life.

Very best wishes on your journey.


***if for any reason any one reading this has a fear of heights substitute wording thus:

imagine your are laying / floating on a puffy white cloud at ground level or just relaxing back in a zero gravity chair......

There is a glorious blue sky above you

and you are surrounded by a beautiful warm light...

you are bathing in a wonderful calming, healing and energising golden light....

continue ….your body begins (as above)

🌺 Think of this exercise as taking your mind on holiday :)

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Naenasmommy in reply to Bkin

I LOVE THIS , thank you so much for this 💫

Been there, still there, the tiredness is just unbelievable! My sympathies

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Naenasmommy in reply to foxglove

I feel like I can’t pull myself together some days it’s so horrible . ...I barely made it through my client today I do hair so imagine feeling drained and have to do hair 😞

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foxglove in reply to Naenasmommy

Must be awful,after all clients depend on you to "pick them up"

Yes, everyday. Fresh air, sunshine, music, therapy, exercise, meditation, deep breathing. I guess I have depression because I can't forget about the past. I have a psychiatrist and a therapist that helps me, but I still have trouble with depression. Depression is a powerful thing and I do whatever I can to get through it everyday. I hope that helps! 😎

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