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Not able to leave my house and go out

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I am 59 years old and been suffering depression for up to 20 years. I have seen my Doctors often during these years and been on Antidepressants. I have currently just started taking Setraline. But now it looks like i am in a worse stage as i am not able to leave the house. I can't get to getting up and taking a bath and going out although I have many important things to do. I have now been indoors for 10 days. Please has anyone experienced this? Did you eventually overcome? If so how? I just wish to be able to go out there and do things for the sake of my wife and children. Am i finally getting to a worse stage of my depression or has anyone felt like this but better afterwards? Please i just need help. God please help me.

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Hell Atenns

I’m fairly new to having anxiety and depression.

I’m not on antidepressants.

But I’ve been in bed for the past week. I do get up and watch TV, Play with my dog, and play some video games. But I’m not sure if I’m just lacking motivation to do things.

My anxiety cripples me and then I get depressed.

But I have felt better afterwards. I guess you just have to let time heal you.

I hope you feel better soon.

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Thanks alfreddy7. I appreciate

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Well if you have just started sertraline it will take up to 6 weeks for them to fully get into your system and it's common to feel worse until then. Your doctor should have told you that.

How about having a bath/shower before bedtime instead of in the morning as it will give you less to do? Do you have someone who will go outside with you? My advice is to go outside just for a minute and walk say 20 yards. Once you feel comfortable doing that then extend it a bit. Baby steps at first.

When you feel your anxiety symptoms try and stay with them and see if you can work out what is making you so anxious. It is very important though that you persevere otherwise you could find yourself suffering from agoraphobia and you don't want that - believe me.

I know it's difficult and painful but for your sake and your family's please don't give in to your fears.

Are you getting any medical help?

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Hi hypercat54,

2 years back i was compulsorily doing exercise but now I stopped for the simple reason that i can't get to getting up and going. Am nearly permanently laying on the couch all day long. My wife tries to encourage me to exercise as before but now I just can't bring myself to doing it. I feel hopeless being unable to do anything. No motivation for anything. I look at my young children and feel like crying. I used to be a superstrong, always working on plans & successfully fetching for my kids with hardly anytime to rest or eat. Now all i do is lay down on the sofa all day, barely stepping out of the house

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That was then. You have to deal with the reality of the present day so you have to learn to start looking forward to your journey to full health again, not looking backwards to how you were. That won't help you.

My comments above still stand. Do you think any of them are doable for you? Are you getting any medical help?

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Thanks hypercat. In fact I feel better since 2 days now. I intend to start excercise (playing badminton) this week. Yes I am seeing a Psychiatrist. It is he who prescribed the Sertraline. Thanks much for your good advice.

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Good. Well done. You will get there just be patient.

I am trying to relate and understand the reasons for your mood and Anxiety going outside. There must be a reason and also an understanding why you feel the way you do. Can you relate to being in Lockdown for an extended period.I know in our home we had some problems although we could get ourselves out for a walk with our Dog, Pax , and also work in the garden. We did manage to sit outside in the garden and also do some gardening.

You mention your Dog, are you unable to go for walks with your Dog and possibly family members. Just getting to sit outside may help, I understand sometimes people are unfortunate not to have access to the open air especially if in a urban environment.

If you have a car and have not been using it, you will at least need to run it at least stationary or go for a run out for a time. We had not been running the car for about nine months, when the car had its MOT they found rust on the brakes and needed a run, that is something you could do taking the car out will insulate from the outside and give you some encouragement to move yourself on.

Do you work for a living, are you still on furlow are is that what has caused a problem or were you Laid off, did that cause you problems

What are your hobbies, or even Diversions you enjoy, I am now seventy , I do a great deal of my time looking at picture book of where I have been on holiday.

We are also members of National Trust, English Heritage and Historic houses,

We visit properties and grounds, I am interested in Georgian Properties and houses with their gardens. We have an extensive library and property Guides and it is nice to browse on different interests.

You need to allow five or six weeks for drugs to work, if you still have problems discuss again your problems with your Doctor.

There are Day Centres your Doctor should have addrees for you to attend so you can meet people with the same type of problems, these people give confidence and help you move on, Do you feel the need for a course of Therapy ? Just some ideas, you will have at least some activities you enjoy move your life all and try and distract your negative outlook on life


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BOB thanks a million for all your encouragement. The good news is that I am feeling better since the last 2 days. I plan to start excercise this week. I am self employed, business Consulting so I am always working virtually from home. Unfortunately I live in Nigeria, Africa so i love gardens and running streams, etc but sadly natural habitats inside the city are lacking. I am trying to keep the good feeling I am experiencing now. Hopefully i can start excercise then feel even much better. Huge thanks.

I have been practicing self compassion thinking instead of beating myself up for not being able to perform I am using breathing exercises to regulate my breathing from the anxiety. I have barely left my bed in years and understand how the panic thoughts come when you think about doing what you used to could do even bathing doing dishes any thing like any thing feels like such a hard tackle from inside the brain. Mine is from childhood trauma resurfaced if that helps. Sending you much understanding

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Very helpful Torri. Thanks for enduring so much. It is inspiring.

Hi,I am 64 and have not gone out of my house for 1 year.I am agoraphobic for 15 years.

I also have depression and take sertraline every day .

At first I felt nothing,then after 7-14 days of sertraline I started to feel worse,in fact I felt anxious,shaky,depressed and much much worse ,I continued taking the pills and after a week or two the hell started to fade out,after this I felt 100 times better,my entire depression was massively improved.

This repeated each time my dose was increased.

Hi Klaus. Thanks for sharing. It means i can keep on with my Setraline. Thanks indeed.

I take Lexapro for a year and still in bed but I have been able to not know why I am in this state and that has helped me ease the feelings of useless and burden which were increasing my anxiety and the cycle of my brain firing up at the thoughts of dressing to go anywhere or any transition triggers my anxiety and the cycle begins. Just saying to myself that I love myself and this is a result of trapped trauma to my nervous system giving me ptsd triggers from most things that others find part of their daily

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