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Denying your diagnosis

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Does anyone have a member in their family who denies/ignores your diagnosis? I was diagnosed with OCD, major depression and generalized anxiety disorder earlier in the year. I have members of my family who are supportive and some who state that it’s just a label, I’m still “me”, and that it’s not real. Then they continue to treat me like I’m okay and can keep up instead of acknowledging that I am this way. They also haven’t taken the time to learn about it or make steps to see what they can do to be supportive. As much as they’re “there” it doesn’t feel like they’re here for me. I feel like I’m going thru this journey alone and still haven’t shared it with others. My brain feels overwhelmed most days (like it’s swollen) and I’m not sure what to do about this. If there’s anything I should to do begin with or to just accept that some people don’t “see” mental illness, are in denial of it, and that’s it’s not my job to explain it to them or get them to be supportive to me. If you’ve experienced this, how have you compartmentalized this in the past and what did you do on your journey that helped you?

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Wow, I truly relate to this!! I only told my family and some friends about it. However, only my mom makes real efforts in understanding more about OCD and supporting me. My sister never even tried, she only told me that I should accept I have an illness and move on. And my dad knows about it but isn't very supportive. Sometimes it truly sucks, because the illness makes you feel isolated and I become frustrated when they expect me to be okay and when I tell them I'm not, they ask me what's the problem.

Yes, My wife. She is aware of it. But most of the time she acts like I’m totally fine and 100% Healthy.

Sometimes she tries to be helpful but I sometimes I do feel alone without support from her. Even my best friend does a better job in asking how I feel and also has a better understanding.

Your feelings regards their attitude is very real, even now Mental Illness is not a rare illness it is common for many people and they can all have the same problems as you are having now

Many close family members will feel the same it can be uncomfortable to think otherwise so you need to remember mental illness can be a very lonely condition.

I hope if it is really bad you will talk to your gp and get a referral for some Talking Therapy so you can move on and feel better accordingly


Hello friend, at present fortunately my family has accepted the fact that I have mental illness. The thing with mental illness is there are few objective tests for diagnosis. So people who are mentally healthy find it hard to accept the possibility that we may be suffering mentally. But trying to convince them about our suffering may be futile. But don't despair. Your life is your journey. You are the author, not the others. So don't let that bother you. As someone suffering with mental health myself, we are travelling on the same ship. Let's enjoy our journey in life.

I also relate to this. My family know about my depression and anxiety. Again my mum is the only one to make an effort. My Dad has moods swings and you have to guess. It's like mental torture. Nobody will say anything to him about it. I always end off on the receiving end of his moods. My older sister tries to tell me what to do and calls me names. My little sister tries but she doesn't get that Dad has mood swing and its me always on the receiving end of his mood. My sisters think Dad is an amazing man but they don't see or feel his mood swings. I feel lonely even when their is a room full

Hi Mamatierd, my family tell me to get over it and I dont need meds. Some people believe still in the old days, that anti depressants are used like happy pills like the woman used to use back in the war times, they dont and cant understand it is a problem with the chemicals and hormones In our brains caused by something, like for me, it was my daughter dying. Something I will never get over and the pills help me cope with life. If you are feeling alone and down, it usually means you're meds are not working for you or you need more. I would go see your gp. Try to let remarks about your depression etc go over your head, harder said than done, but I had to teach myself to do so because of how people act towards my depression, sometimes it's best just to mention it to someone close to you that you know listens to you. There is no one that can help you through it except yourself at the end of the day. But talking on here to people who understand is probably the best bet.

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Roxylox in reply to Taluh

I do I agree with Taluh at all that if you're feeling down your meds aren't working or you need more. I certainly wouldn't say that's what you usually need. I'm obviously not qualified at anything, but if it was me the GP would no way be my first port of call. I would first talk to a trusted friend, if one was around, then maybe try talking therapy.

The tried and trusted. Methods like exercise and self-care, try a new course or hobby can work well too. From personal experience increased meds can leave you groggy and less interested in things.

I can totally relate about family not wanting to discuss mental health issues. My siblings ignore the issue completely, it's never discussed in-depth and I find it really frustrating.

I deff get it! My sister in law really makes me mad because she will call me a hypochondriac or almost act annoyed at times or know im not feeling well and completely ignore me and theres also a nurse in my family i would feel comfortable to ask medical questions too because i deal with medical ocd too and her responses to me got to be more short and triggering for me and wouldnt answer me when i would have added stress after her responses and i get it can come off to people who don’t understand it as dramatic but you know if they want to judge or give there advise they need to research ocd before they downgrade it. Its very hurtful but i just remind myself those people are too ignorant to understand it and if they wanna give there opinion or judge without the knowledge behind it what they say and think is all wrong. Ignore them !!!

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