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I do not feel happy, it is becoming difficult to wake up every morning. I just feel tired and do not feel rested even after sleeping for a good 8 hours. Confused between people, confused with life and I just do not know what I am doing. I think I might push away the only one person that is left that honestly cares about me.

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It happens. We push people away to attain peace and calm

Hi Jenna.

Sounds like things are really getting you down and it's really important in those moments that we let in people who love us and want to help. It's hard not to push away when you feel so low but we need that support to help get us back up again.

Fight the urge to push people away and remember you are worth their love, concerns and time. You are worth getting up for in the morning and you are worth doing things that do make you happy.

Find your passion again and remember the joy you deserves.

Sending hugs


It is important you talk to your Doctor, make a list of how you feel and the problems that are effecting your mood. If you feel the need make a double appointment to give additional time for you to explain your needs and fears


Not good.You might need to talk to someone about this,get a counsellor , phone a helpline, talk to your doctor.maebe anti depressants.

Bob is right

You can change your life and make friends.

It is hard to find genuine people but if they don't know you then maybe that person will just understand

Even my new doctor has written a derogatory report about me but I sent a nice email explaining that my files are updating and any more problems I will put in a complaint.

If you are still young then there will places to visit.

I am looking forward to it because these places helped me.

God bless

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