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I have struggled with depression for over 30 years, I have been on antidepressants for most of that time. The past few months I have really been struggling with it. I have good family support but feel when I ask doc for help they just up my medication.

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TeekoYou sound like you are in your sixties so it would be possibly in your mid to late thirties when you first began down this distressing pathway.

Many on site can relate to the reasons why they began to suffer Depression. To know the reasons why can help you address the problems you had at that time.

In my case it was far earlier in life I was in my early, mid teens when this pathway began to affect my life, where the problems just seemed to extend into my married life. I made some life changing decisions, now at seventies I am becoming more at peace in my Pensioned life, I was retired at thirty eight years old.. Whatever you need to do you need to consider implications as you will hopefully move on. Remember it is all down to you when push comes to shove and hopefully your Doctor can help you move on, however old you are.


Thank you Bob for your reply


What would you like to happen when you talk with your doctors? I get the feeling that you would prefer to try something besides having your medications increased and that's a legitimate desire. It might help if you go to your doctor with a plan. Perhaps you could explain that you want to try talk therapy or hypnosis or a support group or art therapy in hopes that these experiences will alleviate your depression so that you can get your medication decreased. Explain why you are unhappy or dissatisfied with having your meds constantly increased.

I'm in my fifties and have been depressed almost my entire life. It's exhausting.

Let us know what you decide to do!


I am on medication too. In addition I am also going for therapy, CBT Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. I just started.

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