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I really liked this scripture!!

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I just wanted to share this with everyone just in case you are going through something.

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Lovely words 🌈

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thank you ❤️

God made the good and the bad things; but when life is always throwing the bad / negative things at you it makes you feel like it’s hopeless

that is true but, there is a season for everything maybe it's your season of going through. the devil fights harder and tries to disrupt your life more when something good is about to happen to you!!

In the last decade (my 30s-40s) I’ve had multiple family die, 2 heart attacks, various cardiac procedures, half a foot amputated, sepsis 3 times…. Barely one catastrophe resolves as the next begins. I’m sick of the devil’s “disrupting” and wish God would give me a bloody break! How about God gives me something good!

Sorry to rant, I’m at the end of my tether with my life crashing down around me. I’d love something good to happen for once.

I should read my Bible more.Do you know all of the Bible?

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no, I have the daily devotions sent to me so I get 3 scriptures a day plus whatever I read.

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