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I'm Stephanie and I suffer from Major Depressive Disorder and Severe Anxiety. I'm on medication for this. Anyone else suffering from this, I would love to talk with you.

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Hello Stephanie, I'm like you I suffer with MDD, My moods are always up and down. I can be alright one minute and the next I don't know what's hit me. Its awful. How about you, x

Hi Stephanie I am a 47 year old female residing in Canada from USA and am suffering from ptsd severe and have trouble doing tasks chores real life things and thought it was bipolar depression as the anxiety is huge in my life. But now I’m in two times a week counselling and learned I went through traumas multiple throughout childhood and on so at 47 with a high IQ and desire I am stuck at teenager in my life skills. I’m glad you are reaching out as I’ve found this a lovely community and have felt comfortable here sharing. Best wishes your way dear heart.

Welcome Stephanie

Yes that is the main problems people have on this site, generally I am around here. You mention medications for your AD.

Do you take any other supplements ??


I have been diagnosed with moderate to severe MDD. I have just increased to 15 Lexapro and am also on 75 Effexor. I have studied Depression so much and am still struggling to figure out a way out. They say you should exercise (I do), eat Omega 3s (I take Fish Oil every night), spend time with friends and family (I do this), get enough sleep (I do), resist rumination, etc. etc. Anyway, I am here to talk if you want. I am on a journey to get out of this hole and hoping that something will help me climb out and stay out. :)

when you feel like you're struggling with this, what are the hardest things in your eyes? and what would you wish for would happen, if you ever feel like you're feeling horrible?

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