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I suffer from depression and anxiety have been taking citalopram for five days now. I feel tried and still having trouble sleeping. The anxiety doesn't seem to be settling down. I wake up in the in the night and feel strong anxiety in the morning. I have been told it can take four to six weeks.

Has anyone taken the medication and whats your experience

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I am on day 9 and have had headaches and constantly yawning, feeling exhausted in the day but not able to sleep, dizziness, dry mouth and a bad stomach, and increased anxiety i am told these are all normal side effects and will pass but it is difficult to see the light at end of tunnel

borderriever in reply to Spangy


You need to allow time, say if you change the medication, it will take additional five weeks for the body to settle with the new drug as explained. Why count the days on a medication you are sad to say making matters worse.

You have explained yourself, in early days side effects may be a problem however the more you churn over your Anxiety the anticipation of problems can possibly make matters worse


Natalie10 in reply to Spangy

Thank you

Natalie10 in reply to Spangy

Thank you

You need to allow upwards of five weeks for the medications to work, I have been on these medications for decades, at seventy I will be on them now for life at a reduced dose, Yes various medications may not be suitable for you although you need to be patient

Changing medications to often will in some instances will not be beneficial it can take longer to get better, also the number of medications is not never ending. Possibly your Anxiety is making you feel unwell on the drug at this time.

You are not alone, be patient.


Thank you

If it's what I think it is. Another name is celexa. That's one of the best on the market. I was on it fir yrs. I didnt have any side effects. Great med for depression. I was on it so long I had to switch. It basically stopped working. I take cymbalta now which is good alsoTom

I am taking this since about April and have severe anxiety. I didn’t have bad initial side effects but I now am able to be aware of my anxiety responses and am in therapy for severe ptsd. I’m still suffering from no motivation and fears that make me feel like I am unable to do so much. The medicine allowed me the clarity to leave an abusive marriage after 17 years. It did take a bit to work about two weeks and I was able to understand that I had to help myself.

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Thank you torri

I wish you the best with the side effects and hope you can get some relief. I walked around saying I’m about to have a nervous breakdown maybe 20 plus times a day not realizing that had happened already. After taking this I don’t say it and I’m aware of my negative self talk to adjust this.

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That’s a great step forward. Identifying it and addressing it

Alot of these medications do take time to work. Try not to focus on the negatives. Try and pin point one small change in your day to day journey. Focus on the smallest of changes and let yourself accept that they are starting to work.. Alot of things are said to make things worse beofrr they get better. I'm a few weeks your dosage could be upped and you can pitentially have break through anxiety whilst the levels level off in your system. Things do get easier.... If by chance you see no improvement in 5 weeks, or after upping your dose then there are other options out there. Have faith, you'll find what works for you x

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Thanks charl

I started taking 10mg each morning last March. Settled my anxiety after about six weeks but the tiredness and headaches weren't good. I increased the dose to 20mg which only increased the side effects. I was on mirtazapine before that which made me feel more relaxed but like a zombie. Have now weaned myself off medication and trying to avoid any stressful situations. Hope you get sorted x

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Hi, I am on this medication, I take 40mg, personally I find it best to take at night but each person is different. The downside to any type of these meds is it takes time to get in the system when all we want is to have relief now. They do work, I am not saying they are the miracle cure, I still have bad days and times but they now outweigh the good mood feelings

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Thank you Taz79. That give mr comfort and hope. I will stick with it knowing there light end of the tunnel.

It does get better stick with them. I have struggled with anxiety for 25 years on and off. This is my routine it may help? I take my 20mg at night. Dont eat late on! Go to bed at the same time (not too late) listen to a cure anxiety sleep app on your phone.

When you wake, don't lay worrying! Get up, make your bed (first achievement of the day) drink water, if you feel hungry eat breakfast (i can't. Go for a walk, breathe fresh air. Finally 30 minutes with my SAD lamp and I feel ready to face the day. This won't all work for you but parts of it will.. Good luck..

JW621 in reply to Sevetron

That was nicely said

I’m taking olanzepine and Prozac fluoxetine. Makes me feel peaceful

How do you feel now?

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