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Slowly losing myself.

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Lately I’ve been feeling as if I don’t know things. Stuff I should have an idea of no longer seem to be in my brain. Hoping to find more peace and harmony. Taking it day by day!

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Hi, can identify with this ..wasn't sure if it was because of all the stress i was under or the antidepressants I'm now taking, wishing you well

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That’s exactly how I was feeling! Wasn’t sure if it was my problems in life confusing me from my normal reality. Stress is a major one for me, but I saw this quote that said:"if is out of your hands it should be out of your mind", and as simple as that sounds! It’s something really hard to do!! So every time I stress, I remember the quote and it’s been helping me, Weird how our minds work right?

Thank you! Hope all is well with you Giddygal!💚

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That's a brilliant quote! i shall remember that....yeah stress brings on all sorts of things been on antidepressants for couple of months, they're definitely helping with ocd, intrusive thoughts etc but not all symptoms , really nice to find this site and see that you're not on your own, lots of people suffer all kinds of problems, thanks for your reply and do wishing you well 💛

I can relate with what your going thru. Something similar happened a few years ago where I completely forgot what things were called. I would overthink going into my boss's room for a chat even though I knew I wasn't in any troubles whatsoever.

Got to a point I couldn't handle overthink, saw my GP, hot me on Fluoxetine and a few months after that I started getting back to myself.

Feel free to talk to your GP.

And remember, you are not a lone.


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Azanett_ in reply to Laykonyde

Yesss!! That’s how I was feeling! Everything seem to be so odd. Like I needed to be ready for "bad news" or will forget how to do things at work, a job I have done for 6 years! Randomly seem to be "new" to me!

I’m not saying I’m completely A+ okay. But today at work I was able to communicate with a customer as proper as I could and did not seem to not know what I was doing nor did I get nervous when someone else came around (I tend to get nervous when co-workers come around because I hate being judge) and that made me feel really good.

Now, I know you suggested fluoxetine, does it have any side effects?

I have an upcoming Appointment With my GP. Definitely going to mention what has been going on with me. Since I don’t know if this happy feeling is temporary and then back to feeling confuse I go. Truly hope that’s not my case!

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Laykonyde in reply to Azanett_

Hi Azanett,

Fluoxetine does have a few side effects just like other antidepressants.

For me, some of the side effects are insomnia, heartburn and yawning. It's probably better to take it in the morning as this helps with heartburn.

However, you might not get some of these side effects as everyone's body reacts different to the same medication.


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