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Jaw/throat tension from anxiety


Hi, ive been suffering from panic attacks and anxiety for 3 weeks now pretty much on a daily basis (some are better than others). Ive had muscles tension in my arm, shoulder, abdomen etc, the last 3 days my jaw, throat area seem as though they are super tense and won't relax which is making relaxing my mouth very uncomfortable. Ive tried exercises, compress and not speaking. Does anyone else have this issue? 🙁

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You could be grinding your teeth in your sleep. Happens to me and I get sore jaw . You also could be tending your muscles without realizing it. What’s been having you stressed?

also welcome to the group 😁💞

I thought that may be a reason for it also. Im hoping to see the dentist sometime this week. Nothing particularly stressing me, my health anxiety is high atm and im panicking about everything. This jaw/throat thing, not eating/ loss of appetite (loss of weight), no energy, tired etc. Cough ive had for ages. The doctor seems to think its all linked to the anxiety well apart from my cough which could be asthma. It just a nervous wreak tbh.

Hi Nat

I found once I was getting better sleep my jaw doesn’t really get tight and painful


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