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Depression cure


What if you knew how to cure depression but it seems to hard to do it, or you feel it will take too long, or is to expensive? Would you still try? Well, living with depression for 28 years, I know there are a lot of obstacles on the way. One thing that bothered me the most was how people would react if I told them, which was very rare, that I had depression :it was like I said I have a plague and am highly contagious. Now I understand. They were aware of the burden I carried and they knew they can't help. On the other side I felt I know that they also blame me for not doing enough to get better. They somehow knew what I know now:depressed ppl don't love themselves, nor they life nor the ppl around them, therefore they are very difficult to deal with and their lives are too bad to can be easely fixed so why bother.? Please think about this. Think what if this is true? Imagine how it will be if you start to realy love yourself and treat yourself well no matter how hard life gets. What would change? Would you endure suffering? Or

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Hey, your post seems very interesting to talk about but some of your questions are a little bit all over the place, so I don't know how to reply, though. Can you try to make a list so I can answer them one by one?

JW621 in reply to Sugold

Depression is what causes our all over the place thoughts. Anxiety driven depression

Self care. Exercise. Gratitude. Let’s start off by saying let’s be grateful for our now. We get up every morning and have a job to go to. I’m thankful I can pay for my house, cars and living style. This pandemic made me more gratuitous towards my life. I thank god everyday. I go through my ups and downs. I have my weird moments, my creepy moments as well. It’s ok we have that. Just get back to normal. Live for the moment.

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