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i am independent and working in a metropolitan city. My father and grandmother want me to come back to my home town and they make me feel worthless with my current job. I am really depressed listening to all this again and again. When i say i am happy they say everyone is happy at home only and the ones who say thy are happy outside just lie.

I feel really bad and feel like dying.

I know i am depressed but if i say anything like this at home they will not support me.

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Well you have our support on here.

Do you enjoy your current job? Do you like where you live now?

This is your life. You don’t need to listen to your father and grandmother.

Zenia123 in reply to FearIsALiar

yes i enjoy my job. it feels like i am different at home and different there. my job makes me feel happy the people make me feel happy my family does not

FearIsALiar in reply to Zenia123

Well you do what makes YOU happy.

We do not know how old you are although if you are an Adult, you feel you need your own independence and you are comfortable and happy where you live now, family needs to accept your needs and expectations in life.

Do you feel there is any alternative reasoning for this, for example looking after them or are they paying for your board and it would be less expensive for you to live at home..

Zenia, how old are you ??


I am 25 years old. They do not pay for me. i d not ask for money i do what ever with my salary. if they like they sometimes deposit money and i am not the one who asks. they do not support me and make me feel very bad and worthless.

I am in India maybe this is the reason... parents and grandparents are controlling here :(


I am in the United Kingdom and I feel I can understand how you must feel, they possibly want you back so they can control you for example marriage or get you back to control any outcome in your Life.

You have decisions to make and I suppose those problems will not include your Father and Grandparents. May I ask how old are you ??

In the UK generally the White population runs there own life and we marry the person/partner we have a positive relationship with.

You have your own Life to lead, it may be possible to try and move on without family control of your life, also I have heard you do not need to agree to their Dictates.


Please try to get help from a professional so you can be suported during your "fight" for independancy you desperately need. They seem to be poison for your mental health. Since it is not good to cut ties with family because it can make you feel even worse, you do need to free yourself from their influence. Jerry Wise has some great videos on this subject on youtube you can immediatelly use to help you. They even have psychologist for 30 dollars an hour (I hope this is not too expencive, I live in Europe so I don't know), online. I hope you love yourself enough to start the journey to healing. Good luck.

It is your choice still what to do with your life. You seem to care for your family which is great but it sounds like they're obviously not making you feel good or appreciative about what your life choices are. Could you explain what exactly would you feel so bad about?

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