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How do I get people to stop calling me names at my school? it's not my fault I have a disorder.

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They may be trying to get a rise out of you. You could just let it go or you could approach them and tell them your name.The problem is if you rise up their attitude could become worse and that could lead you to discussing this problem with you Form Master (Teacher) if you are feeling threatened.


They are just stopping you from developing and being yourself - they are trying to take away your freedom, freedom to think and be free. Try to find supportive person whether your parents, teachers or other friend - that will allow you to be yourself. You have choice your being or their thoughts - I prefer your thoughts. They are just negative and unnecessary intrusion into your life Stay healthy and try to mature your own way.


Simple: you don't care 😁

ignore them they just want a reaction from you once they see its not bothering you they will stop.

I had friends at school that were nice girls and bullies. Do not ever show them fear and verbally stand up for yourself. See a teacher that you get along with and tell them what is going on. A good teacher will take it higher like to a year head or a deputy headteacher. Good luck. And remember bullies only work with others...they're cowards alone. x

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