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anxiety and sleep


Hey guys

So I have some form of generalised anxiety disorder / night time panic which really limits my ability to sleep, I fall asleep ok but I wake early in the night (after about 4 hours) and cannot return to sleep, I have done and do all the sleep hygiene measures and CBT, please do not mention these.

I tried Pregabalin but found that the effectiveness was not long enough, and my fingers swelled up. Mirtazapine for a few days, but this stuff zombified my daytime, made me feel very unnormal.

Re Anxiety medication, I have tried escitalopram, got up to 20mg for 6 months, it really made anxiety disappear in the daytime, but did nothing for my night time/sleep issues, so I still felt exhausted.

Now I changed to Duloxetine, Cymbalta, started at 30mg for 3 weeks, instantly my sleep improved, I would still wake in the night, but I could return to some sleep but often waking, tossing turning etc, still, it is not as I would wish. I have now been on 60mg for a further 3 weeks, and to be honest, I didn't feel much change in the effectiveness. I have read that more than 60mg is not shown to be any more effective. I do take my medication in the mornings, and I have tried experimenting with trying just before bed and splitting doses, it doesn't make any difference.

I am not sure what to try next...

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I am sorry to hear you are going through so much. It sounds like you may be having panic attacks. I would ask your primary care doctor for a referral to see a psychiatrist since they are specialized in diagnosing and treating Anxiety disorder as this should ease your mind and give you the answer you are seeking. Stramonium 200 or Cuprum Met 200 may help you.

I use the headspace app. There is a sleep course on it and i found it helped me .

Love that app

Sound great!! If you need any other help, then message again.

Have you been purchasing medications on the internet, it just seems you have taken such a mixture or drugs. Are your medications prescribed.

It takes about five weeks for these medications to work, if you have not seen your Doctor make an appointment. A list of the medications you have taken and the side effects you have had from the medications will help, also the symptoms of you Mental health mention latter


Please take a spoonful of honey and drink lavender tea before you sleep it works wonders for me and the lavender tea is calming

FearIsALiar in reply to Hb2003

Chamomile tea is great too!

Good morning,

I have GAD so I've haven't slept good in years. Even though I'm on 20mg of diazepam for my endometriosis pain I still usually wake up after four hours also and then proceed to wake up in one to two hour intervals.

The variation of medication you've tried already is quite lengthy. I don't have solution but I use the Insight meditation app at night to quiet my mind. Doing the breathing exercises & listening to the person's voice makes me feel less alone & quiets my anxiety. Plus the meditation I use goes for over an hour which lessens the pressure I feel to drop off instantly to sleep.

Sorry wish I could be of more help.

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