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Let me share something,

Just because you can say or do something -

Doesn't mean it is the right thing to say or do



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Hi Catman,

First of all totally agree but really wanted to say your cat reminds me of my baby girl. My cat is named Misha & was found abandoned in a box. She is now six years old & the one thing that makes me smile on the worst of days.

Catman22 in reply to LostStars13


Misha, nice Russian name. The mascot of the Russian Olympic was called that. It was a Teddy Bear if I remember ? I am glad you get so much love out of your Pet


Good morning,

Loved the name, used to watch Supernatural the tv series. Named her after Misha Collins...would of named a boy cat Castiel but I was bestowed a beautiful girl. Like the fact that Misha cat be used for a boy or girl.

Never knew its Russian origins, so thank you for that.

Sandy :)

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