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Chronic insomnia - please help!


Over the last few months I have developed chronic insomnia. An occasional prob became chronic: lockdown #1, demands of caring, having adhd / autism & long-standing anxiety and depression. I’m following all the sleep hygiene stuff they advise (not that helpfully lol), have regular bed & waking times but I still don’t sleep.

I’m in pain long term (neuropathy, rotator cuff injury) which can keep me awake: I have an appt with my GPs to review my meds.

I’ve tried meditation, wind-down time, warm showers... I cannot find anything which regularly helps me drop asleep, even radio or podcasts.

Anyone able to offer any helpful advice, please? I avoid worrying unduly about not sleeping but tbh it’s making me exhausted and crotchety, so needs sorting out.


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Sunlight normalises you’re internal time mechanism - your body clock

The other thing is walk or exercise will tire you out and you will want to sleep

Bagpuss21 in reply to Indieabc

Great point about spending time in bright sunlight (- if only it wasn’t murky, foggy, autumnal weather recently!); I do try to spend loads of time outdoors all year round.

Re: walking & exercise, I had half one of my feet amputated 12 months ago and, as my ‘foot’ continues to change shape (- and will continue to! 🙀😭😭) walking and, obv, exercise has become more limited. I’m left unsure which forms of exercise are best for building things like balance, strength in my feet, ankles & legs, and stamina. Any ideas please?

Indieabc in reply to Bagpuss21

Never do exercise or yoga movements that hurt you but do try varying the postures to suit your body - easy and flexible movements - Anat Baniel works with disabled people and movement and has books out Move into Life : Neuromovement but do movements only suited to yourself and if walking is difficult then sitting and doing or on the bed - lying down and doing

Have you tried sleep station. You can get a referral from your gp. I am on week 4 and I am off my sleeping tablets. I had my first full nights sleep 3 days ago. It maybe worth a try ?

Bagpuss21 in reply to Corndolly

What’s sleep station please?

Corndolly in reply to Bagpuss21

Hi bagpuss. This is nhs supported psychological on line programme with access to therapist s. Your gp can refer you or you can pay privately. Its a bit strict and you have to be ready to follow the program because its not easy but so worth it. They are really helpful and provide an analysis of your sleep program and you have to commit to filling out daily sleep logs.

Good luck


One problem can be caused if your bedtime is not regular, regularity regards going to bed helps the body and its internal clock to set itself.

One other problem if you are eating your supper to late the body will be digesting food and keeping you awake.

Another problem is if you are churning over the day before bed you will go to bed thinking and possibly worrying about the day, that can prevent sleep.

You mention a Physical condition, that can cause lack of sleep because of discomfort, changing times you take pain medications that can help as well.

You can also try diversions, hobbies and things you enjoy, some people enjoy music, that helps relaxation.

There are Relaxation Techniques Mindfulness, books can be purchased on Amazon. that can also help


I listen to smooth chill radio (same stuff different night) which is generally soothing; I do try to keep regular bedtime and getting up times too.

I’ve an appt next Monday to review my painkillers (GP), so with any luck something will be sorted out to help that, at least.

Good luck with that, let us know how you get on


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