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I hate to be that guy but can I please get some words of encouragement


Recently it’s been hard to keep going forward. My dad just made me feel bad for having a panic attack when he yells and I am not doing good. I just want to slap him 2,000 times for every time he’s made me feel like s**t. I haven’t been doing good mentally for a while but now it’s even worse. He said sorry to be but I know he really isn’t. I'm tired of living like this, him yelling and saying degrading things, him playing victim, apologizing to me and not my mom (whom most of his anger comes from and is directed at,) and then I feel bad and “forgive” him. And what's more is that my friend called me mean because I said no to hanging out with her. She said it was rude that I was canceling all my plans just to take a shower. I haven't showered in days and I reek. I didn't cancel plans with her, she said, “we are hanging out,” and I said no. I feel like such a bad person. I'm sick of feeling like everything I'm doing is wrong. So please, if anyone wants to be friends or to just chat once in a while, please message me. I don't feel loved anymore. All my friends and family hate me now. Why should I go on living like this?

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Hey there

Don’t give up,

Life is hard but it’s worth it.

I care for dad who is very rude and uncaring but then he says something caring. It is very difficult for him to show sympathy or empathy. It does not mean you are uncaring or the same. Don’t lose yourself and in their emotions Be model

Sounds like they all have problems of their own, but you don't have to make them your problems. People closest to us aren't always our greatest supporters (took my sister 10 years to realise I was ill). You need to look after number one - YOU! Don't wait for validation or for them to change their behaviour towards you.

Find new friends or a support group who will make you feel good.

Don't be a punching bag for their own emotions.

If you don't look after number one then nobody else will it seems.

I learned that the hard way - left my husband due to emotional (and financial) abuse, and that was the first time he started respecting me. Too late.

Fight for your needs, you are worth it.

If living in the UK you are classed as an adult so you can run your own life.

To be honest I had a horrible family and now I am a Pensioner I wished I had turned my back on them when I was twenty one

My parents are dead I have two sisters who gang up on me and I cut every one off about ten years ago after many half measure attempts.

Personally you have a life to lead, they cannot do that for you although sometimes they will try and also control you.

Get out of it as soon as you can, live and enjoy your life, we are a long time dead. What errors you make will set you up later down the line, they have had their lives, that should keep them busy without taking it out on you


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