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life update


is it just me or its not the realtionships hurt anymore. i think im losing myself. im quiet some days and some days im happy and then i have a week of being oddly quiet. and i try to deal with it and sometimes i feel like giving up. but i don't. somethings wrong, i have no idea what it is.

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Sounds like a few of my friends with all that is going on in the world.

I guess it is sort of normal these days.

Hi Sarah56 have you talked to a doctor about this? First and for most got to talk to a doctor! There are alot of us out there suffering! You are not alone! There has got to be away out of too much suffering! For me lots of exercise helps and listening to great music and talking honestly to friends! You know I want to do some plastic surgery and take a trip to Europe but my husband stands in my way! He says no ! God how in the hell have I allowed him to have this power over me! A little nip and tuck could help boost my weaning confidence. I figure trying to do something to feel beautiful can only help. I am no spring chicken but every grandma deserves a lift hahaha right!

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