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One of those nights again


Here I am again writing this at 10pm.

I feel so heavy and feel like what I'm going through is really urgent I feel really restless and on the verge of crying but it doesn't seem to come out.

I'm really struggling tonight and I don't know what to do.

I've reached out to all my friends in hope they say something that will lift me out of this but no response.

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Try youtube, just google search for any topic, like funny animal videos or motivational videos etc even educational subjects on it or music videos like Elvis Presley, ABBA, Madonna etc

Hi I know how you feel. It sounds restless! Is it from being couped up by covid or it this reoccurring? Maybe running , jogging could help! It really helps me to physically exhaust myself! Number one you get those indorfines, number Two it’s great for your body and number three you are proud of yourself for doing it! Yes exercise has the power to help the brain !!!! I needed to remind myself of this an get my butt moving !!!!! Alone and with friends how ever you can do it Do it!!!!

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