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When confused


Ok, so when I wake I feel very confused at times and dont know how to get through the day. What do people do ?

( aside from washing and eating food)

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I have a basic schedule written down of what needs doing each day and what time to do it, when I’m struggling to function it really helps me as I can just take things on one step at a time. I also have a list of things that have helped me before when I have felt that way then you can read through and choose what feels most helpful and manageable for you at the time to try like watching a mindfulness video for example or listening to the radio.

Hope this helps, sending you well wishes :)

You should have interest online course in something you like and listen to news to stay uptodate as suggestion

Pax jumps on the bed on the Wife side then tumbles over me and tries to wake me up by nosing my neck if He gets no response he cries and licks me for as long as it takes to get me up. That is my schedule sometimes we listen to the news and the dog jumps off the bed and goes back to sleep on my seat in the living room, I have not got Him trained to make me a black coffee.

With being retired we generally have a timetable, not written down and we generally follow a well worn pathway to the day, however it does change depending on the time of the year.

Always busy during the day


They are into sports, have joined hiking,music, art groups. Got to be connected with things to do. What’s your favorite thing to do?

Depends on the day, I am retired 70 years old, after breakfast take it easy before lunch, Disabled. Then take Pax out for a walk and work in the garden, we are picking fruit at the moment


Do hobbies, gyms, read, run, join a club about what you like, you have to find a passion. Gardening, hiking, you got to find an interest and passion or life can be very long and dull!!!!!!!

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