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ugh i cant stay persistent


i keep fading in and out from liking myself

one day i am rlly happy and i rlly like myself and im fine wit myself and i have a great day

then another day its insecurity after insecurity and i cant keep away negative thoughts

so its hard for me to stay persistent and yea anyone that can help

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Everyone has rises and falls through life, knowing the reason will help you move on

Just because of this does not mean you are suffering Anxiety or Depression.

If you feel bad enough to be checked out talk to your Doctor. Many people at this time suffer depression/Anxiety because of this Virus so you are not alone

If you feel the need to chat we are here for you,


I feel like this most days u are certainly not alone. Sending you hugs xx

I feel like this all the time. Stay away from social media and unfollow anyone who makes you feel insecure, work on yourself mentally/physically! You’re beautiful in your own way. Someone else’s beauty doesn’t take away from your own ⭐️

thanks, i stopped being friends with some people that i was friends with for a while, they werent rlly a good example and they were turning me into a worse person so im very proud of myself that i stopped being friends with them

I’m happy for you! I have cut out toxic people in my life too. Just trying to get rid of my boyfriend but having a hard time letting go.

yea well good luck, hope everything goes ok

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