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Not right in the head


Making wrong decisions with my mum pulling me to safe zones or betterment. Seeping negative thoughts, with me doing less activities with my son - nonverbal autistic and general laziness - oh what to do? Getting away with a lot because son in supported living and responsibility on them. To get back to posters and drawing and other things? Slow drop in energy - sleeping more?

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Do you feel talking therapy may help you move on and live your life especially if your Son in supported living. In the UK your Doctor may arrange a Social Worker to help with your problems.

Talk to your Doctor


I get really happy like yesterday he was trying to communicate with us in his language but it was good moment he did not do for long time - both of us are adjusting but I miss him so much - I had social worker but she closed the case was satisfied I was fine. The deep thinking required to cope responsibility makes you stronger but I was looking at it negatively because friend said impossible situation and other things brought me down Now you mention talking therapy may look into it might make it tolerable and me more confident etc

You may have problems with your Sons condition although that will never stop the amount of love you all have for each other. I had some dealings in the past with same and I always found children with these complaints seemed very loving towards their family member

All the very best. Keep a hold


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