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I've been coping with my anxiety really well recently, however i can feel it creeping back in.. Then i question myself is it anxiety? Or am I just thinking it is so it turns it into it??

Does it that make sense... Just looking for some help..

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Hi - it’s good you’re posting here! Yea I understand your question I’ve wondered similar thoughts! In my case I think I tend to get more the depression & anxiety I’m not sure which comes first?? I just know life is just soo hard right now in many areas so anxiety is more and more common!!😣💞💞💞🌻I hope better says for you!!

Thanks for your reply!

So what do you do take it as anxiety /depression and treat it that way?

Or just pretend it's not...

Sorry didn’t totally understand what you wrote on last reply ? But as for now all I can say is I’m searching for help myself it’s really hard journey!!💞🦋 I have tried many different things medicines but not for quite awhile because I had bad results with them-Prozac , Paxil, and 1 other I I think Wellbutrin- yes but just did not feel better some made me feel soo out of it or sleepy one almost gave me what felt like a tremor in my jaw I think was the Paxil ? So I try a more natural alternative approach now- fish oil, amino acids and other calming things like magnesium powder and essential oils and honestly 1 of the things that has helped me most when I’ve been at worst was just praying or others praying with me or for me!!!🙏🏼🦋🌸🌻💞I don’t know it’s complicated but I just try diff things and deep breathing as well!!

Thanks again...

I will just keep doing my best.

I always do a meditation in the morning.

I always write down a positive thought and a thing I'm grateful for every day. This has really helped me. It may help you to.

I do take 50mg of sertraline too.

I focus on my breath too. In for 4,hold for 2 and out for 6.

Maybe these this can help you to.

Thank you for your replies. 😁🌈♥️

You’re welcome& thank you as well good tips and ideas great to share these here and help support one another🌻🌻🦋🦋💞💞



Everything in life is so intense at this time and people can feel stressed because of it

You mention you had problems before and you improved. Sad to say you are retracing your steps. I know in my case I feel jaded not getting away and I need a change of environment.

I am not say this is your problem however we all go through life and need some respite to get life into perspective. Have you talked to family about this. You could try and talk to your Doctor if possible. Have you tried Mindfulness Relaxation Technique you can purchase a book on Amazon

Have you any hobbies or other diversions you enjoy that can also help distract any negativity you may be suffering from


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