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Friday Major Cuteness!! ❤️🐾 Lesson here ??🐾❤️


Friday Cuteness!

I saw this and couldn't resist posting this puppy!! ❤️🐾❤️🐾❤️

Persistent little pup! Lesson here???

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🐾❤️🐾❤️. Lesson puppies are too cute and persistence pays off. She's got the cutest wiggle butt too! ,♥️

So precious ! Hope this photo will allow me to fall back to sleep 😴.

Luna_Child in reply to Shnookie

I don't know maybe if you imagine this little cutie cuddling up with you 🐾❤️

Shnookie in reply to Luna_Child

That is a lovely 😊 though. I have a stuffed dog named Bobo that I cuddle with when I go to sleep 😴 at night and that gives me some comfort.

Luna_Child in reply to Shnookie

Good for you. How precious.



♥️🐾♥️🐾. Too cutesy

Lovin his chunky monkey look.

Cutie patootie!

So cute. I love that!!

Friday cuteness

Dogs especially Puppies are wonderful healers


I know I have 3🐾🐾🐾 Amazing loves of my life! ♥️♥️♥️

Do you have pet's ?

Yes Luna We have a Border Collie Cross, black with a white cross on His chest and rwo white socks on His rear paws. Very bright and He knows how to play us. We call Him Pax

Latin for peace. What sort of dogs do you have ??


I love this. I had to save this😆 It's so true! Never give up even if u r doing it cussing, kicking and screaming never ever give up! 😆🦄❤😘

That's true. Persistence will get the puppy and people to the top of their goal ♥️♥️♥️🐾🐾


Luna_Child in reply to BobJensen

Adorbs! ♥️🐾

Persistent, perseverance, tenacious, spirited, tough

Can you add more words to this list?

BobJensen in reply to Luna_Child

Great list of adjectives.

Luna_Child in reply to BobJensen

Thank you 😊


Have a wonderful Friday my friends! 🤗🌻♥️


Luna_Child in reply to BobJensen

I know! Adorable! Every home needs at least one♥️🤗

Oh ... 😂😞😰this reminds me of my precious pup that has just passed 💔💔💔💔💔she was blind but such a fighter she would climb stairs like a little champ!!! She fought soo hard !!! this is soo painful I’m trying to do this to -fight through difficulty &pain!!! thanks for sharing this even though initially it just made me sad to look at but in seeing the beauty and positivity now to 🤣😫🙏🏼

I am so sorry. 💔 I know what that feels like. Believe me. It's incredibly heartbreaking. How wonderful you had a beautiful friend with you who loved you unconditionally.

There are so many dogs that need your love. ♥️💞

My blessings,

Hugs 🤗


Thank you!! Yea I’ve been considering that- I need another dog to love now & help have a good home!! Any suggestions on finding 1 now that needs lots & lots of love? I’m in Ca in U.S. any thoughts ideas or suggestions on finding a sweet doggy that needs a loving owner now??

This is sooo cute! :)

♥️🐾Thank you my friend 😊

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