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Is my camera on my phone rigged , is it the lighting, or am i actually just ugly.


I dont get it, sometimes when i look at myslef in the mirror i look rlly pretty ngl. But then another time i might take out my phone to take a pic of myself or something, i look completely the opposite of pretty, and it just makes me hate myself more. and then i think well its just the lighting, but then i think, yea well other ppl can see my when im in bad lighting. Soooo i just get so confused with if im pretyy ugly or in between or what. im trying to just stop looking at myself when i know its bad lighting, but for some reason i cant stop looking at myself , trying to convince myself things. ugh its confusing, cuz i look different than i do at other times, sry this is stupid

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In my case none of my family have photographs of me. My Wife has not taken any photos either. So when I kic the bucket all they will have is my Driving Certificate or my Blue Badge, even they need to be returned when they run out. So Society or family will just forget me.

The ironic thing is my Hobby was photography.

If you are pretty in some photos that is fantastic, everyone is critical on how they look and it seems most people who take there own photos make a mess of themselves

I would say you must be very pretty, All in the eyes of the beholder.

Stop being so critical


thank you

thanks a lot for that advice. true true

I know the feeling! It’s so hard seeing yourself in the mirror then on a photo. I feel like I look better in the mirror as well.

You’re beautiful and also not everything on the outside matters!

aw thank u so much , and i thought i was the only one that thought that ab photos lol guess im not

You’re not lol! My face isn’t symmetrical at all and it makes me so insecure seeing myself in the mirror then taking a photo and then I feel like that’s how others see me as. I know sometimes cameras can distort your image but ugh it is hard!

Just gotta find those angles I guess when taking pictures 🤣

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