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Six people.....


Having followed all the guidelines which is being asked of us, the only having six people in your home rule is a step too far for me. I only see my Grandchildren altogether once a week now ( I have 3) they come here for tea.Because of my anxiety issues I can't have them by themselves , they are only here a couple of hours after school. Also I have my two adult sons who live here, and they enjoy seeing their nephew and niece's. Now i have to decide who can be in my house at any one time. These three children are under 7 and ones a baby. Scotland have used common sense and its annoying me that these rules just seem to be made up without much thought. Normally I would just get on with it but my councilling was abruptly stopped last week and now I have to wait, I don't know how long before it can start again which is also stressing me out, thought it might help a little just putting it down in words

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Three children, two Sons and you are six people. Is the Grandfather also there ??


I was thinking that!

Skye001 in reply to borderriever

No. I am a widow. But the children's parents who bring them makes eight.

To be honest I think if it runs to 7 or even 8 the police won't care, so I shouldn't worry too much. How are they going to know anyway? Nosy neighbours? The figure is more aimed at banning large gatherings in public places such as parties or other places where a lot of people congregate. And weddings and funerals etc.

Skye001 in reply to hypercat54

I've been thinking the same thing I don't think my neighbours would be that vindictive but you never know.... I've decided to have them on different days this week and hope someone makes another U turn😠

borderriever in reply to Skye001

Hello Skye

I am not sure if the children are counted in Scotland it will only be the Adults, you would need to confirm that, we do not have any visitors as such, only tradesmen.

I do know however we are placed right on the Border and on some days we shop in Scotland other days England, We get deliveries and one comes from over seventy miles away in Ashington while the others comes from our local town. We were out this week to complement our delivery because of the reinfection problems and Scottish Shops and people did not seen to follow the the rules as much in England. We found the same when we took Pax out for a walk in Parkland


Hi Skye001 I am in Scotland too and have no family or friends ,but I do still have common sense and it may sound severe the restrictions,and not everyone adhereing to them but its better to play safe as the virus is still circulating and some places have had to pay the price -everyone should shoulder some responsibility,as breaking rules are only guidelines,though its beginning to reappear(the Virus), I do have family though none of them are worth mentioning very sad indeed!Just as well IM older and have lost my ability to remain patient-mainly due to stress coupled with chronic anxiety----I hope you dont think Im inconsiderate or selfish but sometimes we all have to speak our minds!

Children under 18 don't count x

Skye001 in reply to dannyxox

Sadly it's six in total. I don't actually live in Scotland I probably didn't make that clear, not far off but have to stick to the English rules.q

dannyxox in reply to Skye001

Hopefully it relaxes soon xx

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