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Hi, I suffer from anxieties and now depression, my dr called it anxiety disorder, I didn’t ask question as to what that meant, I figured I’ll be on meds for a while, then I’ll be back to normal, it hasn’t happen, is there a diff between anxiety and anxiety disorder? It’s been two years now, I’m on bupropion and Mirtazapine, also clonazepam , I can’t believe I have this, I was normal two years ago, I had a life, now I feel locked up in my mind,

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Hello, Welcome

Anxiety and Anxiety disorder are basically the same problem. Do you have any idea why you are suffering Anxiety. How does your Anxiety present itself ?

Has your Doctor suggested any other treatment, like Talking Therapy, Mindfulness, Breathing Techniques ets. Mindfulness a Relaxation Technique may help you control your Anxiety, you can purchase books on Amazon, explaining the technique to you

Two years is only a moderate time period, although I feel you need to talk to your Doctor on how to control it. In proactive ways so you gain confidence in your life choices. In the first instance to understand your fears should be able to help you move on


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