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Anxiety and depression


I've recently been diagnosed with anxiety and depression since feb 2020 need help and support as I'm on my own and this is when it's bad

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Hi Sammy,

You will get plenty of support on here. When you were diagnosed were you prescribed any medication? IF you were then you should be taking it in accordance to the prescription and it should, after 6 weeks or so, be making a noticeable difference. You should also be in regular contact with your GP / psychiatrist. Has it been suggested you look for CBT / talking therapies? Getting in touch with MIND could point you in the right direction of therapy groups near you (

There are also charities than do webchat support lines and text which are great if you prefer not to talk openly.

Right now it's really tough because so much has had to shut down because of Covid-19 and face to face sessions aren't happening. You will find that there are a lot of people struggling just like you so you are not alone.

Hope this helps xxx

hey sam: me too. youre not alone. im here if u need a random queer mentally ill teen from the internet to chat with.


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